Cranford Schools’ Mission Statement

2013-2014 Mission Statement
The Cranford Public Schools promotes Pre K – Grade 12 education as a shared responsibility
among students, educators, administrators, parents and community.
The Cranford Public Schools strives to create a safe, caring, and rigorous learning environment
responsive to the individual needs and interests of our students offering programs of studies
consistent with the Common Core State Standards, New Jersey Core Curriculum Content
Standards and 21st Century College and Career Readiness.
Central to our programs are relevant, real-world learning experiences that stimulate and
encourage curiosity, effective communication, goal setting and problem-solving skills while
providing opportunities that promote creativity, self-expression, physical/emotional wellness and
an appreciation of diversity.
All students are provided with personalized learning experiences and critical thinking skills
needed to become thoughtful, responsible and productive citizens making contributions in local
and global contexts fostering respect and accountability in all of their actions.