Cranford Police Department “School Route Plan”

The Cranford Police Department has established a “School Route Plan” for prescribing all elementary school children a recommended route to and from school. The “School Route Plan” maps include locations of existing guards and signalized intersections. We would like the school s to encourage their students to use the approved school routes and to disseminate this material to their parents. It will be the responsibility of the parents to instruct their children to follow the routes so they will benefit from the protection which is provided.

Cranford Police Department School Route Plan

2014-15 school year

Below are a number of documents which you will find informative. The majority of school based information will be sent to you by your child’s school.

2014-15 Informational Letter to Parents (School Calendar, School Closing and Delayed School Openings)

Emergency Procedures

HIB Yearly letter to Parents

Honeywell Instant Alert Instructions

Parents’ Open Agenda with Dr. Carrick.

The Cranford Police Department has established a “School Route Plan” for prescribing all elementary school children a recommended route to and from school.

Cranford Schools’ Mission Statement

Mission Statement
The Cranford Public Schools promotes Pre K – Grade 12 education as a shared responsibility
among students, educators, administrators, parents and community.
The Cranford Public Schools strives to create a safe, caring, and rigorous learning environment
responsive to the individual needs and interests of our students offering programs of studies
consistent with the Common Core State Standards, New Jersey Core Curriculum Content
Standards and 21st Century College and Career Readiness.
Central to our programs are relevant, real-world learning experiences that stimulate and
encourage curiosity, effective communication, goal setting and problem-solving skills while
providing opportunities that promote creativity, self-expression, physical/emotional wellness and
an appreciation of diversity.
All students are provided with personalized learning experiences and critical thinking skills
needed to become thoughtful, responsible and productive citizens making contributions in local
and global contexts fostering respect and accountability in all of their actions.

National Fire Prevention Month- NJ Fire Safety

As National Fire Prevention Month comes to a close, the Cranford Public Schools would like to support and encourage further fire prevention and fire safety conversations with our 6th grade students and their families. In partnership with the Cranford Fire Department, we are integrating the “Fire is” video series into our sixth grade science classes. We request that all 6th grade students view the series of “Fire is” videos, a realistic and informative program developed by Dr. Frank Field, at home with their parents. Each video runs approximately 20 minutes. One video will be assigned each month as follows:

  • · “Fire is Black” in November
  • · “Fire is Hot” in December
  • · “Fire is Fast” in January
  • · “Fire is Smoke and Gas” in February
  • · “Fire is an Emergency” in March

In addition to viewing the videos, the 6th grade science teachers will facilitate short lessons, activities and discussions to reinforce important facts and concepts. Each student will be asked to complete a pre/post test survey. The FMBA will use the results of the assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.

NJ Fire Safety